Women in the mirror
Women in the mirror


Un'esperienza unica, scopri i segreti del palazzo.

Women in the mirror

Personaggi femminili nei ritratti della famiglia Coronini
Palazzo Coronini Cronberg 08 April 2017 - 26 November 2017

Four centuries of female portraiture
The exhibition at Coronini Palace shows the slow transformation of images of women–and images painted by women–over four centuries of art history.
It consists of 40 artworks by great masters of portraiture. These include works by Marten van Meytens, the Maria Theresa portraitist, the Russian artist Vladimir Borovikovskij, Antonio Zona from Veneto and Alois Hans Schram from Vienna.
In addition to portraits of women, the exhibition comprises portraits by famous women artists.  Prominent are paintings by Rosalba Carriera and Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, who challenged conventions and prejudices, successfully establishing themselves in a dominantly male field.  Less known artists are also on display, particularly Teresa Maria Coriolani from Bologna, whose small portrait of a friar, in the Coronini collection, is her only known extant work.
The final part of this female art journey focused on the works of Nicoletta Coronini Cronberg. Last descendant of the Gorizian aristocratic family, in her youth she was a writer, an illustrator and a talented portraitist. On exhibition are some of her best works, publicly presented for the first time

A journey through image and sound
The exhibition isn’t only a display of artworks. It offers visitors a pathway that reveals – step by step – the history and temperament of women, both ordinary or exceptional, who developed different ways to adapt, either coping with the limits, or exploiting the opportunities of their times.
If portraiture is the mirror of the soul, our portraits are also mirrors of the ages and the societies in which they emerged.
To assist visitors, the exhibition includes multimedia. Through smartphone and tablet apps women characters come to life through augmented reality with audio and graphics offering additional information about the painters and the history of their paintings.
It is an engaging journey in which the key artists and their works are contextualized alongside famous figures like Queen Marie Antoinette, the Duchess of Berry, as well as the wives, mothers and daughters, both in and linked to, the Coronini family.

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