The animals of the noblemen
The animals of the noblemen


Un'esperienza unica, scopri i segreti del palazzo.

The animals of the noblemen

Dalla caccia al salotto tra status symbol, allegoria e affetti
Palazzo Coronini Cronberg 03 July 2021 - 13 March 2022

Relations between humans and animals have always profoundly conditioned the history of society. If for the humble classes the animals were mainly tools of work and subsistence, for the sovereigns and the aristocracy some species, especially dogs and horses, constantly accompanied every phase of their existence, from infancy to death, as faithful friends and companions but also as symbols of wealth, glory and power. Whether it was affective or representative, or a combination of both aspects, over the centuries this function found a direct projection in the arts.
In every time the representations of animals abound on paintings, sculptures, prints, fabrics, bronzes, silver and jewels. The exhibition organized at Palazzo Coronini Cronberg intends to reconstruct the emotional, symbolic and social role that creatures such as dogs, horses, but also exotic species such as monkeys and parrots, regularly played in the daily life of the upper classes, not only as pets, but also through the images, objects, furnishings and ornaments that filled the aristocratic residences.

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