The Russian heritage of the Coronini Counts
The Russian heritage of the Coronini Counts


Un'esperienza unica, scopri i segreti del palazzo.

The Russian heritage of the Coronini Counts

Opere d'arte e oggetti preziosi dall'impero degli zar
Palazzo Coronini Cronberg 14 April 2018 - 06 January 2019

April the 15th 1913: Count Eduard Cassini, Chamberlain and Chancellor of Court Ceremonies for the Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II, died in Saint Petersburg. His huge holdings, which already included the legacy of deceased wife Zoé Bibikova (1840-1906), a descendant of a line connected to the Russian nobility, passed to Olga Westphalen Fürstenberg (1869-1958), Count Guglielmo Coronini Cronberg’s mother.

This exhibition unveils the extraordinary value of this bequest and its importance in the Coronini collections.  Artworks and unique artefacts relay the story of an Italian family finding its fortune in service to the Tsars from the time of Catherine the Great. It exemplifies Russian aristocratic taste and lifestyle in the Nineteenth century, through to the eve of the October Revolution.

Walking through the Palazzo Coronini’s exhibition rooms you discover the unexpected Russian origins of exquisite furniture and important works of art; are able to admire perfectly designed silverware, watches and jewelry. All on display for the first time. It is a chance to discover great Russian painters like Dmitrij Grigor’evič Levicki and Vladimir Lukič Borovikovskij; and witness the impressive technical skills of Russian craftsmanship, that in the Nineteenth century gained wide appreciation across Europe for its uniqueness, exemplified by masters like Fabergé.

From 12th November 2018 to 6th January 2019

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