The indispensable superfluity
The indispensable superfluity


Un'esperienza unica, scopri i segreti del palazzo.

The indispensable superfluity

Accessori della moda nelle collezioni della famiglia Coronini
Palazzo Coronini Cronberg 13 April 2019 - 06 January 2020

Fashion accessories in the Coroninis’ collections

Far from being superfluous, fashion accessories have represented for centuries a real status symbol, revealing immediately not only the social class, but sometimes also the personality of people wearing them. The Coronini’s collections are tied up to the history of an ancient aristocratic family and offer, from this point of view, a “privileged observatory”. In this way, also through paintings and photographs, it is possible to discover how every era had its own “style icons”: specific rules and protocols governing their use and influencing the habits of everyday life. For instance, the Eighteenth century was the era of fans, while the Nineteenth century saw the triumph of hats. Handbags, which are now among the trendiest accessories, became indispensable only in the Twentieth century. In addition to these, many other slightly démodé objects, such as walking sticks, handkerchiefs, laces, shawls and snuffboxes were meant to reveal the taste and style of the last descendants of the Counts Coronini. An evocative journey back in time, discovering periods when the ability to handle a fan or to master the perfect tie knot were essential requirements to be considered true ladies or perfect gentlemen.