The Library
The Library

The Library

Some furniture and chests from the 16th and the 17th centuries were used to create the walnut wooden panelling that Guglielmo Coronini (1905-1990) wanted all along the walls.  The artefacts in the room include two Flemish paintings of 16th century with saints and bible scenes; they were the two side panels of a triptych: both sides are visible, as they are installed on a pivot.

Next to a sofa, there is a 18th century baptism cradle, a golden plaster and wood candle-holder and a 17th century Spanish table with inlaid work in ebony and turtle. Three major paintings are displayed in the room: Eros (placed in a niche in the library), a Woman turned on her back and a Landscape with golden rain, parts of a 16th century Venetian painting the  with Danae, that Count Coronini purchased in the 1920’s.

On the wall on the left-hand side: a Portrait of a woman dated between the late 16th century and the early 17th century, and Saint Peter’s Dream, ancient copy of a painting by Domenico Fetti (1589-1624). Above the fireplace there is a 17th century painting with Coronini’s coat of arms. At the corners of the wall with the large window, there are two golden wooden angels holding candles, probably from the German school. On the floor, next to the Persian carpet, there is a small 17th century chest. On the side of the first sofa on the left, there is a 17th century oval table that Guglielmo Coronini’s father bought in Venice. On this table there is a bronze pot and an 18th century celestial globe. On the other two tables, on the right, there is an English silver candle holder, a 19th century tower-shape clock and a 18th century German  bracket clock.

  • Artista veneto
Paesaggio con pioggia d’oro, olio su tela, seconda metà XVI secolo, inv. 925
  • Pittore della scuola di Anversa, Salomone e la regina di Saba, Santa Gertrude di Nivelles, olio su tavola, 1520-1530 circa, inv. 4
  • Pittore della scuola di Anversa, Re David riceve l’acqua dei pozzi di Betlemme, Sant’Adriano di Nicomedia, olio su tavola, 1520-1530 circa, inv. 5
  • Manifattura austriaca (o francese), Schermo da tavolo, legno, avorio, bronzo dorato, seta ricamata, 1820-1825 circa, Inv. 851
  • Orologio a torre, fine XIX secolo, ottone sbalzato e inciso, ferro, inv. 858
  • La visione di San Pietro, olio su tela, prima metà XVII secolo, inv. 879
  • Artista veneto, Donna di spalle, olio su tela, seconda metà XVI secolo, inv. 880