The Room of Warlords
The Room of Warlords

The Room of Warlords

Just like the next two rooms, Count Coronini used this room as a warehouse. The current layout dates back to 2006, when the museum was re-opened, to complete the round tour of the rooms. Above the grey stone fireplace, there is a part of the collection of weapons, a 17th century monks chair and a wrought iron brazier.

Under the window, there is a Savonarola chair, two golden wood chests and a 16th century painting. On the right-hand side, there is a 17th century walnut armarium for artefacts and weapons. On the walls there are paintings of ancestors wearing armours and powerful battle scenes including two paintings by Augusto Querfurt (1696-1761) and two paintings in the style of Salvator Rosa.

  • Manifattura Sazikov, Calice (stirrup cup), argento fuso, cesellato e inciso, parzialmente dorato, San Pietroburgo, 1851, inv. 3432
  • Pistola a fucile, manifattura bresciana con canna gardonese, ultimo quarto XVII secolo, legno di noce, acciaio, inv. 110
  • Armarium, legno di noce intagliato e intarsiato, XVII secolo, inv. 266
  • August Querfurt, Ispezione del campo dopo la battaglia
olio su tela, prima metà XVIII secolo, inv. 1541
  • Cassapanca, legno intagliato e dipinto, Tirolo, XVIII-XIX secolo, inv. 2527
  • Yatagan-coltellaccio, con fodero, acciaio, argento, legno, pelle, ottone, ferro, stagno, Impero ottomano (Balcani), XVIII (lama), XIX secolo (fornimento), inv. 2600