The Bishop’s Room
The Bishop’s Room

The Bishop’s Room

From 2 to 5 May 1945, during the Yugoslav military occupation of Gorizia, the Archbishop of Gorizia, Carlo Margotti, was held captive in this room. On the right-hand side, there is an Empire white majolica stove and a vitrine with a collection of silver salt cellars. On the wall there is a Putto by Francesco Caucig (1755-1828). Along this side there is a sitting room set from the late 19th century with some valuable paintings, including a Possessed Man Head by Peter Paul Rubens, an oil sketch for a detail of the altarpiece of the Miracles of Saint Ignatius of Loyola (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna), a picaresque scene by Alessandro Magnasco (1667-1749), a View of Verona by Angelo Inganni, the Portrait of Maria Benigna Cobenzl by Martin van Meytens, and two ink drawings of the Rome countryside by Francesco Caucig. On the bottom wall there is a large 17th century equestrian portrait and a valuable inlaid chest of drawers from the 18th century with an elegant Parisian clock from the early 19th century with the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. On the right-hand side, on the opposite wall, there is an Empire-style chest of drawers with two candle holders and an Austrian golden wood and alabaster clock from the first half of the 19th century. On the wall there are several paintings, including Jona and the Whale, by Giovanni B. Langetti (1635-1676), the Portraits of Giancristoforo Ritter de Zàhony and his wife Amalia, by an Austrian painter from the early 19th century, as well as two oil paintings by Ludwig Guttenbrunn, dating 1788, of Queen of France Marie Antoinette and her children, Marie Thérèse and Louis.

  • Saliere con cucchiaini, Vienna, Josef CArl Klinkosh, fine XIX-inizio XX secolo, argento parzialmente dorato, fuso, cesellato, stampato, inv. 2883, 2884
  • Peter Paul Rubens, Testa di ossesso, olio su carta incollata su legno, 1617 circa, inv. 902
  • Alessandro Magnasco, Campo di soldati e ciarlatani, olio su tela, inizio XVIII secolo, inv. 1245
  • Francesco Caucig, Angioletto in volo, olio su tela, inizio XIX secolo, inv. 1528
  • Giovanni Battista Langetti, Giona, olio su tela, 1663-1664 circa, inv. 1535
  • Manifattura francese, Pendola da mensola, marmo rosso, bronzo patinato e dorato, smalto, inizio XIX secolo, inv. 1590
  • Ludwig Guttenbrunn, Ritratto di Maria Antonietta e dei figli Luigi e Maria Teresa Carlotta, olio su tavola, 1788, inv. 1942