Charles X’s Room
Charles X’s Room

Charles X’s Room

On the right side of the door there is a portrait of the King of France, Charles X, who died from cholera in this room on 6th November 1836, while he was in exile in Gorizia. Under the painting there is a valuable Empire style dressing table by the French cabinetmaker Jean Baptiste Youf, with a French bronze clock with the Goddess Minerva by the Napoleonic artist Pierre Philippe Thomire, who also produced the two five-candle holders next to it.
Above the sitting room set with a mahogany and pink silk canapé, with six chairs and two armchairs with lyre-shaped backs and golden bronze decorations, there are some tempera paintings on mythological figures by Michelangelo Maestri (1779-1812), while the pastel Portrait of Charlotte Cobenzl Rumbecke at the centre is by Elisabeth Vigèe Le Brun (1765-1842).
The glass vitrine in the corner displays silverware, porcelain pottery and crystal artefacts as well as a “cathedral-shaped” bracelet with the miniature portrait of Count Edwin de Fagan, brother-in-law of Michele Coronini. Near the Restoration cylinder desk, there is a marble bust of Michele Coronini by the Danish sculptor Berthel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844). Paintings on the walls include the Portrait of a man by the Russian painter Dmitrij G. Levitskij (1735-1822), the Portrait of the Koushnikov Family by Marguerite V. Ancelot (1792-1875) and some landscape paintings of the French and English schools.

  • Manifattura russa, Calamaio, marmo, mosaico di malachite, bronzo dorato, 1800-1830, inv. 1798
  • Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, La tempesta, olio su tela, 1840 circa, inv. 1811
  • Virginie Ancelot-Chardon, Ritratto della famiglia Kushnikov, olio su tela, 1818, inv. 1879
  • Bertel Thorvaldsen, Ritratto di Michele Coronini Cronberg, marmo scolpito, alabastro, 1816, inv. 1880
  • Pierre Philippe Thomire, Pendola da mensola, bronzo dorato, smalto, 1820-1823, Inv. 1883
  • Scrivania, 1830-1840, legno impiallacciato in noce tinto mogano, ottone, inv. 1889
  • Alois Hans Schram, Ritratto di Olga Westphalen Fürstenberg, tempera su carta, 1898, inv. 1900
  • Argentiere moscovita dalle iniziali “AK”, Coppia di calici, argento dorato cesellato, inciso e niellato, Mosca, 1845, inv. 1909
  • Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun, Ritratto della contessa Charlotte Cobenzl Rumbecke, pastello su carta, 1793-1795, inv. 1933