Mathilde’s Room
Mathilde’s Room

Mathilde’s Room

The valuable floor in white and red marble was brought to light under the wooden floor during the refurbishing works. This room is named after Mathilde Coronini (1816-1901), great-aunt of Count Guglielmo. She was very popular and she was very active in the social and charity sector. Most furniture dates back to the late 19th century with ornaments from the same period. Two impressive cupboards with 18th century majolica artefacts from Bassano are located on the sides of the round table with eight chairs. In a corner there is a 19th century prie-dieu under a religious painting, as a symbol of Matildhe’s strong religious faith. On the other side of the room there is a valuable 18th century walnut desk. A number of paintings from the second half of the 19th century are displayed on the walls, depicting landscapes and family portraits.

  • Manifattura Antonibon, Coppia di piatti “a frutta barocca”, maiolica invetriata, Nove (Bassano), XVIII secolo, inv. 4355
  • Giovanni Grubacs, Festa notturna a Venezia
olio su tela, 1855-1866, inv. 291
  • Adolf Henning, Ritratto di Carolina Ritter de Zahony
olio su tela, 1858, inv. 999
  • Eugene von Blaas, Ritratto di Ada Smart, olio su tela, 1864, inv. 1037
  • Manifattura boema, Bicchiere a campana detto “Ranftbecher”, cristallo colorato, intagliato, inciso, 1830 circa, inv. 1196
  • Pendola da parete, legno, ottone, vetro, alabastro, smalto, Austria, seconda metà XIX secolo, inv. 2477