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Mountain stories at Palazzo Coronini. Julius Kugy and women at altitude.

Palazzo Coronini Cronberg 08 June 2024 - 06 January 2025

Why an exhibition about mountains at Palazzo Coronini?

Palazzo Coronini, through its collections and the personalities who have passed through and lived there, can reveal realities seemingly far removed from its nature as an aristocratic residence. In the heart of Gorizia, Palazzo Coronini stands out not only as a treasure chest of art and history but also as a bridge to adventures and worlds that go far beyond its walls. The building that stands in front of the Stables and some documentary evidence preserved in the Coronini family archive have inspired the creation of a journey aimed at telling “our” mountain stories. In February of this year, an important anniversary was celebrated: the eightieth anniversary of the disappearance of Julius Kugy, an extraordinary figure of a mountaineer, botanist, musician, and writer, born in 1858 in one of the buildings inside the Coronini Park, later called Villa Kugy. Visiting the exhibition, you will be immersed in his unique vision of the mountain, you will be able to follow his explorations in the Friulian Alps, discover his multiple passions, and the deep bond with his alpine guides. Simultaneously, the exhibition explores a fascinating and less known narrative: that of women in high altitudes. The theme was suggested by three small photographs capturing Countess Carmen Coronini Cronberg atop the Dolomites in 1909.
Little is known about Carmen’s mountaineering activities, but these shots led us to investigate the endeavors and the role of women in the mountains during Kugy’s contemporary period.
From the first explorers to the porters, you will discover courageous female figures who broke conventions and faced challenging situations, paving the way for future generations of women mountaineers. 
Through a sensory experience made of images, phrases, scents, and sounds, the exhibition proposes a journey to the highlands, perceived not only as geographic sceneries but also as places where the people we will talk about experienced humility, resilience, the art of overcoming their limits, or accepting them with serenity. This exhibition is a tribute to their legacy, an invitation to roam beyond the horizon and to discover, in the heights as well as in the depths of history, the inexhaustible potentials of the human being.

from  8 June 2024

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Palazzo Coronini Cronberg and exhibition
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