The silver collection, gathered by the Coronini family during the last two centuries, strikes for its extraordinary richness and variety. Although all the family members were strong connected with the history of the Habsburg empire, the collection reflects the local flavour only partially. Despite the fact that some artefacts were made by local artists like Federico Guglielmo Eduardo Bünger from Trieste or, for instance, by the imperial silversmith Josef Carl Klinkosch from Vienna, there is an extensive range of Russian, English and French items. As a result of complex relationships established through profitable marriages in the late 19th century, the international nature of this collection comes from some relevant legacies left to the family at the beginning of the 20th century. Among them, there are some Russian silverware of Count Eduard Cassini, Tsar’s personal counsellor, English trophies of Hancock and Garrard, as well as French Empire style salt cellars, including two by Martin-Guillaume Biennais, Napoleon’s silversmith. In addition to them, there are Scandinavian, German and Italian items, as well as some Swiss, Indian and Tunis articles, which the Coronins bought or received as a gift. The collection includes also silver tableware, religious objects (ciboria, vessels and monstrances), smoking accessories (tobacco pouches, cigarette holders and matchboxes) as well as toilet accessories.

  • Charles Frederick Hancock, Coppa, Londra, 1864, argento parzialmente dorato, fuso, cesellato, inciso, inv. 2948
  • Coppia di bicchieri, Mosca, 1845, argento dorato, cesellato, inciso, niellato, inv. 1909
  • Thomas-Michel Bary, Tre saliere, Parigi, 1798-1809, argento sbalzato, traforato, cesellato, cristallo blu, inv. 1911
  • Jütte, Caraffa, area tedesca, inizio XIX secolo, argento fuso, dorato, inv. 1920
  • Argentiere austriaco, Brocca e zuccheriera, 1787, argento cesellato con elementi a fusione, inv. 1924, 1925
  • Ditta Josef Karl Klinkosch, Saliere con cucchiaini, Vienna, fine XIX-inizio XX secolo, invv. 2883, 2884
  • Ivan Gubkin, Forchetta, coltello e cucchiaio, Mosca, 1857, argento dorato, fuso, cesellato, acciao, inv. 2952