The lace collection consists of about 200 items, either needle or bobbin lace, including some Venetian Gros Point with its typical fine reliefs, tape laces from Milan, refined Bruxelles laces (either ancient or Duchesse laces from the 19th century), delicate black silk Chantilly laces and some curious Alençon laces made of horsehair. The most relevant item of this collection is the so-called “Pizzo Coronini”: a beautiful Point de Sedan lace, which is more than 5 meters long. According to some archive documents it was offered to the Sovereign Pontiff around 1750.

  • Coppia di polsini, Bruxelles, metà XVIII secolo, merletto Bruxelles a pezzi riportati, lino a fuselli, inv. 843
  • Bordura, Bruxelles, metà XIX secolo, merletto Bruxelles in Point de Gaze ad ago, inv. 1120
  • Balza, Francia, primo quarto XVIII secolo, merletto Point de Sedan, lino ad ago, inv. 3238
  • Bordura, Bruxelles, seconda metà XIX secolo, merletto Duchesse a fuselli e ago in filo di lino, inv. 3244
  • Scialle, Brabante, metà XVIII secolo, merletto Brabant, lino a fuselli, inv. 3246
  • Bordura, Bruges, seconda metà XIX secolo, merletto Duchesse di Bruges, lino a fuselli, inv. 3260
  • Collo,  Venezia, XVII secolo, merletto Punto neve, lino ad ago, inv. 3272
  • Bordura,  XIX secolo, merletto Valenciennes a fili aggiunti e tagliati, lino a fuselli, inv. 8033