This rich coin collection includes more than 2000 items which are proof of Count Guglielmo Coronini Cronberg’s variety of interests, as they are extremely diverse and cover a wide period, from antiquity to most recent times. The setting up of the collection is mainly due to his great passion for art history.
In addition to some pieces dating back to the Roman Empire, mostly coming from Aquielia mint, the collection boasts several items issued by the Counts of Gorizia, royal coins distributed in the County of Gorizia as well as a large number of pieces issued by diverse royal authorities of the Holy Roman Empire or Austria-Hungary. There is also some jewellery with medals and very notable coins which celebrate specific events.

  • Massenzio Augusto (306-312), Zecca di Aquileia, 307, Follis, Bronzo, inv. 3178
  • Carlo Vi d'Asburgo, imperatore e conte di Gorizia (1711-1740), Zecca di Graz, 1733, Soldo, Rame, inv. 3187/1
  • Giovanni Cristiano I e Giovanni Sigifredo, conti di Gradisca (1649-1710 e 1649-1713), Zecca di Gradisca, 1658, Tallero, argento, inv.  3292/1
  • Alberto I (II) (1263-1304), Zecca di Lienz, 1274/1275-1304, Denaro con leone e rosa, argento, inv. 4237
  • Michael Apaffi I, principe di Transilvania (1661-1690), Zecca di Klausenburg, 1673, 1 Zwolfer,  argento, inv. 6635
  • Francesco Giuseppe I d'Asburgo Lorena, imperatore (1848-1916), Zecca di Vienna, 1915, 4 Ducati, oro, inv. 7671