Clocks and watches
Clocks and watches

Clocks and watches

This collection consists of 67 items including bracket, wall and travel clocks, as well as watches. Among the last ones, there are some golden, silver and enamel pocket watches. Two of them are really notable: the precious Breguet from the early 19th century and the rare Bronnikov, which was entirely made of wood. Many of the most valuable clocks, dated from the middle of the 18th century to the early 20th century, are on display in the Palace rooms. The collection includes 18th century bracket clocks with wooden case, bronze Neoclassical and Empire clocks, including the French clock with Orpheus and Eurydice and the one by Pierre Philippe Thomire, as well as Biedermeier and Neo Rococo items, characterized by rich tortoiseshell and brass ornament. The section of travel clocks is quite peculiar and includes many items with their original leather boxes.

  • Joseph Tatzelin, Pendola da mensola, Austria, 1820-1825 circa, inv. 1027
  • Pendola da mensola, Parigi, inizio XIX secolo, marmo rosso, bronzo patinato e dorato, smalto, inv. 1590
  • Pendola da mensola, Francia, seconda metà XIX secolo, legno, ottone, tartaruga, vetro, inv. 1609
  • Pierre Philippe Thomire, Pendola da mensola, Parigi, 1820-1823, bronzo dorato e cesellato, ottone, smalto,  inv. 1883
  • Bronnikoff, Orologio da tasca, Vjatka, 1860 circa, legno, osso, inv. 2027
  • Rossel & Fils, Orologio da tasca, Ginevra, seconda metà XIX secolo, oro, vetro, smalto bianco, inv. 7358
  • Breguet et Fils, Orologio da tasca, Parigi, 1818 circa, oro, argento, inv. 7365
  • Johannes Van Ceule le Jeune, Pierre Herbert, Orologio da tasca, L’Aia, 1720 circa, oro intagliato a giorno e sbalzato, inv. 7368