This collection consists of about 100 statues and sculptures, from archaeological artefacts dating to the 2nd century AD to works from the early 20th century made of marble, stone, metal, alabaster, majolica, painted and golden wood, plaster and ivory.
Among the most representative items of the collection there are the ancient Triple Hecate, two “character heads” by Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, the Portrait of Michele Coronini by Berthel Thorvaldsen and the one of Napoleon by Giuseppe Ceracchi, as well as the five mythological statues sculpted by Orazio Marinali from Vicenza, which can be seen in the Park.

  • Marco Chiereghin, Giovanni Battista Coronini, XVIII secolo, marmo, inv. 5525
  • Ecate Triformis, II secolo d.C., pietra, inv. 5533
  • Scultore austriaco, Ecce Homo, metà XVIII secolo, avorio scolpito e inciso, inv. 95
  • San Floriano,  XVI secolo, legno intagliato e dipinto, inv. 738
  • Berthel Thorvaldsen, Ritratto di Michele Coronini Cronberg, 1816, marmo e alabastro, inv. 1880
  • Giuseppe Ceracchi, Ritratto di Napoleone Bonaparte, 1797 circa, marmo, inv. 2024