18th Century Bedroom
18th Century Bedroom

18th Century Bedroom

The French bed with canopy has a lampas blanket in light blue and pink silk from the 18th century. On the two Rococo bombé bedside tables there are: a silver candle holder, a monstrance-shaped reliquary and a golden three-candle holder.

On the wall there are also a painting of Saint Jerome in the style of Piazzetta, an icon with Saint Spiridion and at the centre of the canopy a silver icon of Christ Almighty. On the left-hand side, on a golden shelf, there is a bust of Napoleon by Giuseppe Ceracchi and a mirror from the 18th century in Murano glass. The 18th century dressing table near the window is covered in lace and silk and is a copy designed by Guglielmo Coronini. He was inspired by the above painting of Countess Cobenzl (pupil and patron of Mozart), by the Austrian painter Johann Daniel Donat (1744-1830).

Two Louis XV armchairs, lined with brocade silk, and an oval table with two shelves are located near the window. Further down: a Rococo Venetian cupboard, lacquered with multi-colour decorations with a German porcelain clock, two candle holders and two bronze miniatures of peasants.

On the opposite side there is a Louis XVI sitting-room set, lined with embroidered fabric, with a large Portrait of Countess Maria Luisa Lantieri Wagensperg by an Austrian painter: Casanova, Herder and Goethe wrote about her beauty and charms, she was also at the Weimar Court. The Countess is portrayed with her daughters, Aloisa and Amalia, Michele Coronini’s mother. On the sides, there are two pastel portraits of the Cobenzl family.

  • Johann Daniel Donat, Ritratto di Giovanni Filippo Cobenzl, olio su tela, 1775, inv. 1309
  • Candelabro a tre bracci, bronzo dorato, verniciato e inciso, fine XVIII secolo, inv. 1986
  • Bureau, prima metà XVIII secolo, legno stuccato, dipinto e laccato, inv. 2008
  • Giuseppe Ceracchi, Ritratto di Napoleone Bonaparte
marmo scolpito, 1796-1797 circa, inv. 2024
  • Johann Daniel Donat, Ritratto di Charlotte Cobenzl
olio su tela, 1781, inv. 2045
  • Anonimo pittore austriaco
Ritratto della contessa Maria Luisa Lantieri Wagensperg, con le figlie Amalia e Aloisa, olio su tela, 1783 circa, inv. 2050