The Central Hall
The Central Hall

The Central Hall

This room is dominated by an impressive rococo Austrian white and blue stove and a fine crystal chandelier with 45 lights. In the centre there is a lacquered red and golden sitting room set from the 18th century. Between the windows there are two golden wood console tables with Louis XV mirrors. On the right-hand side, two engraved seats from Andrea Brustolon school (1660-1732) are used as support for a Japanese lacquered black cabinet with golden and colour scenes.

Above it there is the Portrait of Ludovico Rabatta, attributed to Bernardo Strozzi, and near the door there is a walnut desk and the Portrait of Louis Dufort Duras, Count of Feversham, by the English painter John Riley (1646-1691). On the opposite wall, there is another work attributed to Bernardo Strozzi, the Portrait of Felicita Rabatta, and under this there is a Boulle desk inlaid with tortoiseshell and metal by Michel Verbist dating 1698.

On either side of the central door there are two Flemish tortoiseshell cabinets from the 17th century, with valuable decorated interiors with mirrors, ebony, ivory and lapis lazuli. On the left cabinet there is a golden leather trunk decorated with Moresque patterns.

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